If you’re into Live streaming, Sometimes you may have been through this situation. How can I stream my feed to different platform simultaneously?. If you;re using Vmix you already have an option for 3 simultaneous streams but what if you want to stream to more than 3 platforms? The answer is simple. Re-steaming.

So this is how re-streaming actually works.


First we are gonna need a cloud infrasturcture provider. I choose Digital Ocean. Or you can use Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services (AWS) or whatever you like.

If you’re gonna use Digital Ocean register from the below link so you can have $10 free credits. https://m.do.co/c/5f77853fc647

So go ahead and create a Digital Ocean account. Guide to the dashboard and select droplets. 


Let me tell you what a droplet is. In short, a droplet is a virtual server, Digital Ocean doesn’t hold back. These are full fledged, production machines that spin up very quickly.

You can see I already have a droplet. So lets create another. On the upper right of the screen you’ll find “Create” button. Go ahead and click on it.

Im using Ubuntu and Im gonna choose the cheapest plan available.$5/mo Option.2.JPG

And then from Data Center region, choose the closest data center to your location. You can also name this droplet in the hostname.


Click “Create”.


Its gonna take a few moments for DO to setup our droplet. Once done you can see the IP for your droplet here. Go ahead and copy it.

Then we need to connect to our droplet using a shell programme. Linux and Mac users already have a terminal which they can use directly but Windows users have to use PuTTY or some another programme for this.

Ill show you how to connect using PuTTY. Goto www.putty.org and download PuTTY and install. Once finished click on PuTTY configuration.


Paste your Droplet’s IP address in the Host Name section, select the port 22 and make sure you select SSH from the Connection Type. Save the settings.

Navigate to SSH tab under Connection and Set the SSH protocol version to 2.


Then goto Data tab under Connections. If you have any users to your droplet, you can add them here. Since Im using root access Ill put root here.

All done. Click on “Open”.You’ll get this message. Click Yes and It will open your terminal window.


So now youll need a password to access your terminal. This pasword is emailed to you by DO. Find it and enter the password and login to your droplet. Now you’ll be prompted to change the password. After that youre connected!

I will explain how to configure the server in the next part.