So I booked my very first SIA flight 2 weeks ago and I was wondering how did I miss this airline so far.

I booked my flight to Jakarta, departing with SQ 469 to Singapore and then SQ956 to Jakarta (economy class) and arriving on SQ 961 to Singapore followed by SQ 468 back to Colombo (business class). For this lets get into economy class.

First Ill talk about SQ469. Boarding at Bandaranayake International Airport was smooth. No queues and It took like 5 mins to sort things out and issue the boarding passes. The gate was crowded as the flight was going heavy. After a 30 mins waiting at the gate, finally they started boarding. At the aircraft entrance theres newspapers and headsets you can take them if needed. (The headset if for u to take home *wink*)

At the entrance, cabin crew greeted warmly and guided to my seat 54A. A pillow and a blanket was already on my seat when I arrived which was quite good. Aircraft looked very clean and theres quite descent legroom for the seats. In flight entertainment system was up to date and everything was nice.

Economy Class food was better than any airline I have flown. Usually I don;t really enjoy airline meals but this was exceptional.

I chose Steamed rice with lamb (cant remember the exact name of the meal tho).

It was late so I slept. But I gotta say If you want to enjoy the sun rising up from 36000 ft, this flight is the best of the best.

Soon it was time to land. Another round of hot towels were given. And after few moments we landed.

After landing I rushed for y next flight. SQ956. My favourite type of aircraft. A350-900 <3. Plenty of legroom as usual and the in flight entertainment system is nice with a handset which as a touch screen.

After few moments from takeoff breakfast served.

Some kind of potato patty and an omelette with a sausage. Tasted good except for the dessert.

Speaking of the washroom, You’ll find everything in there for your daily routing. Tooth brushes, mouthwash, etc. Singapore Air has made sure you don’t depart the flight early morning even without brushing your teeth.

Okay then that’s it for this review.

Have to say Singapore Air was the best service I got so far. Emirates was on top of my list till I flew SIA. (Sorry Emirates!). Cabin crew got a nice uniform and they are friendly, talkative and everything. I can recommend SIA for anyone to fly with.

Catch you with my SIA business class review soon.