So if you read my last flight review you probably know I was in Indonesia. As a part of my vacation I flew to Bali. Usually I like choosing different airlines on my vacations so on my way back from Bali to Jakarta I asked some random Balinese people about a good airline to fly. 90% of them replied with Garuda Indonesia. The national airline of Indonesia. Okay! paying twice the price of other domestic airlines I booked my first Garuda Indonesia flight.

I hoped for a comfortable flight but things turned out.

Staff at ticketing was quite helpful and nice. So I had a good first impression on the company. Then I went for checking in and then the problems started. The lady at check-in counter said that my passport is already expired and I cannot check-in. I was shocked and double checked and then I saw shes pointing me the issued date of the passport. I tried explaining her this is NOT the expiration date but still the same. For gods sake she doesnt speak any English. After showing my passport to few colleagues, which took like 20 minutes, she came, apologized and issued boarding passes.

At the boarding gate, there was 3 rows for boarding. One row went quickly but the second didnt. Later I saw the guy who was checking boarding passes was chatting with some airport staff girls not doing his job quickly. Some old guy waiting in the row shouted (literally shouted loud) at him and then the row went quickly.

Somehow boarded the aircraft and then I realized I forgot to ask for a window seat because of the passport problem that lady created. So I reached one of the cabin crew members and asked “if there’s free window seats available pls let me know”. She looked at me, pointed her hand at back and said GO! I thought she didn’t understand and said the same thing again but she stopped me and said “No No Go”. At this time I realized I made totally the wrong choice taking this flight.

Have to say the seat is very comfortable and In-flight entertainment was good. That’s the only reason I gave this 3 stars for this airline on Trip Advisor. Plenty of legroom and average quality in flight entertainment system. Again poor headset 🙁

There was toilet paper rolls lying on the lavatory floor, informed cabin crew twice but NO ONE cared. Had to move to the next lavatory because of that.

Then the dinner was served. Nothing special about it. Potatoes, chicken and beans with a jelly for dessert.

Then while serving meals I asked if they have beer or not. The lady who was serving said yes and poured me a cup. And it took 2 sips to realize I was given milk instead of beer. Used the call button on my seat and told the cabin crew lady this isn’t beer and she said yes this is beer. I kept saying no and then she called another lady (who wore a different color uniform, the one said No Go earlier) and she came and ask “what do you want” I said I needed a beer please. She took the cup on my tray table and came back with another said “this beer” (maybe beer means milk in their language?) This time she offered the same thing but it was poured to another paper cup and stocked inside the cup they poured me before. I had a ink patch on my hand and it was on paper cup too. And I could see the inc patch even on my “new” cup. I have to show a photo of a beer glass and then she said “No beer” And I asked for a coca cola. She came up with another cup and slammed the tray table with it and said Coca Cola. It spilled on the table. Without even apologizing again slammed the table with 2 tissue papers and left.

This is the worst service I ever had on a flight. Although the seats were comfortable and entertainment was good, overall experience is so bad. First they need to learn English. Becauae Garuda Indonesia is an international airline. otherwise how can they deal with international passengers without even knowing English?

My advice is avoid this at all costs. Other airlines maybe less comfortable but its hassle free and you won’t get into any of troubles. Maybe international flights are good on this airline but this is the origin if the airline so they MUST provide descent service on local flights too. And also considering the ticket price, I wouldn’t recommend this airline. Feel free to share your experience on the comment section below.