In Google I/O 2018, Google rolled out some amazing features for Google Assistant. It was really cool how Assistant can make real-time calls and stuff. Anyways because it seemed Google Assistant is gonna be a trend breaker, I thought of writing this. I’m gonna show you how to make a basic controversial app, a game using Googles pre-built templates. Lets begin.

First you’re gonna need a Google Account for this. Navigate to and login with your Google acount. It will show a screen like this.


Click on “add/import project” and from the popup, fill in your Project name and Country. Im gonna name my project “Sukkz”. Then click on “Create Project”. It will take you to choose a category for your project.


Scroll all the way down and select “Templates” from “More Options”.


Google offers you 3 pre-built templates. Here’s a brief description on them. (Extracted from Google’s documentation.)


  1. Trivia
    • This allows you to create your own trivia game show putting your friends, family, and other Assistant users in the hot seat.
  2. Personality Quiz
    • This lets you to build a personality quiz that rewards survey takers by assigning an enlightening (or quirky) classification based on their answers. Give people a quiz to determine what city they should live in or even what celebrity they most resemble.
  3. Flash Cards
    • This help your friends or study group learn new concepts and test their knowledge with flash cards. Help people learn a new language through words and phrases, or test biology expertise to help a science major ace her next exam.

For this tutorial, we are gonna use Trivia template. Go ahead and click on “Trivia”. And your dashboard will popup. Then click on “Quick Setup” And again click on “Decide how your Action is invoked”


Invocation means the way you trigger your app with Google Assistant. As an example, “Okay Google, talk to sukkz zone” Fill out Invocation name with a name you like to call your app, Directory title with the title of your app, and finally choose a voice for your verbal output of your app. And tap save.


Alright now that we are done with Invocations, lets move onto actions. For this, click on “Actions” from left menu. And a screen will load saying “No actions yet“. Go ahead and click on Add your first action then click on Build.


Then select a personality for your app. Basically  a sound model. I’m choosing Mr. Montgomery. You can try the voice models just by clicking on the play button on each card. After selecting, Click next.


Then it comes to the content. Here, we use a google sheet to store questions for out trivia game. To start, click on the + button.


Upload via Google sheets prompt will come up. Click on Make a copy of the pre-filled Google Sheet for editing. 


Click on Make a copy and save the copy into your Google Drive. Sample sheet contains some sample questions for you. You can erase them and fill the sheet with your own questions. But be careful to fill the columns correctly.  After filling the sheet with your own questions, click on configuration tab.


Choose how many questions per game. I’ll choose 5 questions per session. You can also change the title if you want. And hit Save. Then copy the URL of your sheet.


Go back to your actions console and click Next. Then you’ll be prompted to enter the URL for your Google Sheet. Enter the URL and click Upload.



It will automatically validate your URL. After validation succeed, Click on Create App. Now we are almost done and lets test out app.


Your simulator looks like this and you can test your trivia game here. And also you can try your app on your phone. (Only if u are logged into phone using the same Google account that used to create the Assistant app.)


Congratulations! You just completed your first app for Google Assistant. You can go to Overview from the left menu and you can see a briefing of your app. Now you have to publish your app. Ill discuss how to publish your app in my next article. If you have any issues fee free to comment below.