Google Crowdsource is a free app created by Google with the purpose of bringing more user feedback into its services. The algorithms Google employs for certain tasks, such as image identification, aren’t as sophisticated as the human mind, and there are plenty of opportunities for users to make these Google products even better.

It contains 4 main task options.

  1. Image Capture
  2. Image label verification
  3. sentiment evaluation
  4. handwriting recognition

The interface of Google Crowdsource looks like this.



Image label verification

In this section users can select a label category from given.


And after selecting a category, an image will show up and all you have to do is mark whether if the image can be used for the above selected label or not. If youre not sure about the image you can just skip.


Sentiment evaluation.

Here google gives the user a phrase and the user have to select the most suitable emoticon of the 3 given that expresses the given text.


Handwriting recognition

This is personally my favorite part. Google gives you an image of a handwriting and the user have to type in the word that is written.


Image Capture

This is a new feature came for latest update of Crowdsource. Users can click photos of various objects or places and can submit them with matching labels.

Why would I do all these?

According to Google, you can use this if you have few moments to kill. Like while waiting in line at the grocery shop or on the train ride home. But Google reward you with points for each and every task you complete. You can level up and earn badges.

Screenshot_2018-04-22-20-42-19-746_com.google.android.apps.village.boond    Screenshot_2018-04-22-20-42-22-784_com.google.android.apps.village.boond










You can find your achievements on the left menu. So that’s about it folks. And remember to select all the languages you know when you setup the app and enjoy!